7th Grade Reflection

When I first arrived in August, I expected more work in and out of school than in 6th grade, but a never expected the life that awaited me. I soon realized that homework would consume my life; I’d cram it in from 4:30 to 10:30 everyday after school (not to mention the homework I did in the mornings and at lunch). By October my life was terrible, just a slur of homework misery. I was stuck in a perpetual loop of eat, sleep (just a little), school, homework… homework… homework… study.

After a lot of trial and error, I fell into a routine that worked well enough. Math right when I get home, Texas History before dinner, study after dinner, sleep just enough, wake up and do English, Science after athletics, Latin during lunch. Although it’s not exactly a well-oiled machine, this schedule managed to drag me through the year.

With the year so close to an end, everyday seems to take a lifetime. No matter how good this year was, I’m ready for summer and all of its pleasure. If I had to do it over again, I’d come more mentally prepared in August, and more ready to work hard. My grades suffered from my cockiness toward my classes, particularly Math, at one point my grade in Math was ten points below that of last year. My advice to upcoming seventh graders is to come mentally prepared for at least three times the work of Sixth grade, and to have a homework schedule that works well. Good luck!

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Selling people as if they’re property, forcing them into hard labor, beatings— an unimaginable life. Thank goodness slavery is over— or is it?

Many people in America think that slavery is over for good, slavery isn’t legal anywhere, but the truth is, it happens everywhere. Slavery is the most rapid growing illegal business in the world-wide, making about 32 billion dollars every year. You may not have heard of modern slavery before because it goes by another name— trafficking. Trafficking is the exact same thing!— being forced to work without pay, under the threat of violence, and being unable to walk away. Sadly, most people associate trafficking with places around the world, but it’s not. There are 60,000 slaves in the US today, and at least 14,500 new slaves being trafficked into the US every year!

Also, the average slave is an innocent twelve year-old girl. This girl is sold for 90 dollars or less! She will join the 27 million slaves trapped around the world today. After hearing all this, you can’t help but to feel helpless, but don’t. Just spreading the word can help, go to http://www.enditmovement.com to join the cause, donate money at http://slaveryfootprint.org/ipad.html, and go to https://slaveryfootprint.org/survey/#where_do_you_live to see how many slaves work for you!

Favorite Poem

My favorite poem is “Take Me Out Of The Bathtub” by Alan Katz. “Take Me Out Of The Bathtub” is a great poem because it’s a silly and reminds me of my childhood. Every time I read it, it reminds me of  the hundreds of times I’d read it before. The illustration with the poem (by David Catrow) really seem to capture the view of a child. Don’t let me just tell you about it though, read it for yourself!



Blogging Challenge 4 & 5: Childhood Toy

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom-vroom! I race my toy cars through the mud and across the finish-line. Victory! I will never forget the countless hours I spent playing with my beloved toy cars.

Not only were they fun to race, they look like  they cost a million dollars! With custom tires, rims, hood, and a slick body, nobody could resist how cool they are. I remember my favorite car, a blue, low-lying Hotwheels sports car with meaty tires, and topped with a half-car windshield. Many other similar designs, crazy cool designs, keep me hooked on my toy cars still today.  Toy cars just look cool.

I’m done telling you about just how cool my toy cars are, take a look for yourselves. Click on the video below to check out some fantastic Hotwheels.

Although Hotwheels are cool, my old box of a hundred toy cars represents more than that to me. Those toy cars remind me what it is like to be boy, have fun, and spend a little time in the mud under a hot sun. Long after The wheels break off from my favorite car, and the colors don’t shine bright anymore , I will still love it. I will love it for the memories it holds, and for the reminder of the treasures of childhood.


Challenge 2: Austin, Texas

Warm weather, live music, and friendly people— Austin is a great place to live.

First of all, music in Austin is great— we’ve been crowned Live Music Capitol of the world. Austin has an assortment of music festivals, including South-By-Southwest and ACL. You can’t walk more than two blocks downtown without hearing a local musician playing— if you’re lucky you may hear the occasional Willy Nelson. You can’t beat the music of Austin.

Even if you don’t like music, you can’t beat the kindness of Austonians. People enjoy each other so much that they write things like “Hi how are you?” and “I love you so much!” on the walls of buildings. It seems like at least ten strangers ask me how I’m doing everyday! Austin is by far the friendliest city I’ve ever been to.

If you ever find yourself in a bad mood —nothing a little live music and friendly people can’t fix— come to Austin. You may find yourself so in love with Austin that you want to move here! Don’t ever question it again— AUSTIN IS THE BEST CITY EVER!!!

Challenge 2: Austin, Texas

Live music Capitol of the world,
Free spirited,
And enough warmth for everyone,
Austin, Texas is a great place to live.

Come to the warmth of the sun smiling upon your face— just maybe a little too fiercely,
Come to the refreshing lake,
Come to a place without worries,
Come to Austin.

Time can never change the free spirits,
Or the, “Hi how are you?” on the wall,
And the “I love you so much ” on another,
Time can’t change Austin.

A day downtown,
With Peter-Pan Mini-golf,
And a snow cone from Sno-Beach,
A day in Austin.

Live music,
Lively people,
And warm weather,
Austin is almost perfect— almost.


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Challenge 1: All About Me

Let’s just say my family is a little odd. My Dad and younger sister have dark brown hair, my Mom and younger brother have blond hair, and my older brother and I have red hair. Now, that’s not all, over the past thirteen years my family has owned three golden retrievers, three hermit crabs, three hamsters, a lizard, forty fish, and a rat.

Although my family is very different, we still love a good game of football. It is not an uncommon sight to see my family on a couch intensively watching a football game while subconsciously stuffing our faces with my Dad’s homemade queso.

In addition, my family loves to travel. Thanks to my great parents I’ve been to the Galápagos Islands, Africa, New Zealand, St. John Island, Belize, Ecuador, and almost every state in the US.

As far as I go, I like to do a lot of things. Such as playing football, basketball, tennis, swimming, reading, and playing the guitar for starters. I enjoy Italian food with a good salad, and tend to bug my friends a little bit with my very mild OCD.

In conclusion, I like my family, and enjoy a diverse range of activities. I’m proud to be an American, and proud to be living my little old life. Make sure to read my upcoming and past post, write to you later!

Great Books

On one of my post somebody commented, wanting to know where to start reading, so I thought that I could give everybody some recommendations.

Coming in first place (in my opinion) as best, most widely appreciated book is Harry Potter. It all starts when a regular eleven year old boy finds out that he’s a wizard. He leaves the dreadful Dursley home to attend a wizard school called Horwarts. Through fun, adventure, and lots of magic Harry foils his worst enemy’s plans and saves the day. I do want to warn you that these books do have gloomy parts, so if you only read happy, avoid book five.

On a note a little bit less mainstream is a book called Skyship Academy. A boy is In a world where everything is run by pearls, little balls of energy. When odd things start to happen to him, at his school, he begins to to question the way the world really works. You’ll have to read to find out!

If nether of these float your boat, try on of these; The Magic Thief, Rangers Apprentice, Eragon, or The Books of Umber .

If anybody ever needs help finding a book that they’ll like, comment, I am determined to find a book that you’ll love.

Reading Is Enjoyable (Expository)

The frantic clash of swords, a dry desert, in a galaxy far, far away…reading is enjoyable.

First of all, reading is a way to escape your troubles. Everybody has at least a couple troubles, no matter how small or large. When you dive into a book, all of your troubles wash away; as if it is magical— gone— instantly. It’s not complicated, reading takes you where you want to be.

In addition, reading is the best of the best in entertainment. Your bored… you pick up a book and… instantly your in another place in another time away from your worries(no wires or power buttons required). When you read, your mind shows you what you want to see, and you’re entertained.

Weather your buried in problems or just plain bored, take a brake and read a book. In life everybody (even you) needs to take a brake… so do it!!!

The Treadmill (My Favorite Mistake)

I’m rolling on the ground; clutching my smoking, bloody mess of a hand. Throbbing in the back of my half-conscious head I hear my subconscious mind scolding me: you should have listened… you should have listened…

Backtrack five minutes, my Dad is strolling through the garage and sees my family and me using the treadmill as a slide.  It was just a simple game, harmless, fun, yet my Dad told us to stop playing on the treadmill.  Ignorantly we decided we knew better and just kept on playing.

Why didn’t we stop?  Not even five minutes later I was smugly pushing off after a rather successful ride when my hand caught in the space between the tread and the metal plate.  Ahhrrgg!!  The pain crept up my hand slowly – excruciatingly slowly – as if slow torture.  I felt each morsel of skin, each muscle melting as I sat helplessly clawing at the treadmill.  Time ticked slowly as smoke and blood fill the room.  My smirk melted into a mask of anguish.  I looked down and saw that all the remorseless treadmill had left of my hand was a bloody blob; I’m just lucky that I still have all five fingers.

Always listen to your parents.

Looking back I realize that listening to your parents is the best thing that you can do because they can teach you lessons, without you personally having to make the mistake (go through the pain).